The Only Way Possible to Buy Book Tidbits

As I researched Instaread, GetAbstract, and Blinkist and looked for other similar subscription services, I realized something: the marketplace was missing the most important product of all: the tidbits!

It’s like when Elaine told Mr. Lippman about muffin tops being the best part of the muffin:

Think about it, why do we read books?

To gain knowlege, yes. But more specifically, we read for the tidbits, the anecdotes, the little gold nuggets where just one can change the way we think, the way we act for the better.

Or maybe they’re just a way to sound smart at those theoretical cocktail parties.

Either way, non-fiction book tidbits are informational gold: We want to have them and store them away but they take significant resources to acquire.

A good book sets you back $10-$15 but the real bee sting is taking 7-10 hours to read the book.

Holy work week that’s a lot of time, Batman.

And that’s why over here at the Notevantage Info Factory I painstakingly churn out sweet, sweet tidbits of gold for our subscribers.

The conveyor belt of boxed information never stops and that means you’re always privy to the best in random self-improvement notes.

And I don’t stop at the raw tidbits. I summarize them, explain them in plain English (so they’re easy to understand), and spell out the practical takeaways of each so that you can use them to YOUR BENEFIT in real life.

Education is often unnecessarily hard for students/knowledge thirsters. Not with Notevantage.

No rites of passage, just $45 and you’re in the club.

Click here to join and enrich yourself.

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